Current pricing is as follows:


Senior and Family Portraits

Sessions are $150. This is a flat rate for all shoots which typically last between 1-3 hours. I have no restrictions, or additional charges, for outfit changes. This fee will be due at the time of the shoot and is non-refundable. After the shoot, I will process the images and make them available for purchase in a la carte form. In addition, full digital rights of all jpg's of the session will be made available for download for a flat fee of $150 or available for individual purchase for $12 each.

Sports Teams

Most Sessions will require a direct quote and can vary largely according to the number of participants to be photographed. In general, Groups of less than 20 can be done in much the same amount of time as a typical family or senior shoot. Larger groups may require only slightly more time for the session, but are much more time intensive to edit. Expect session charges to range between $175 and $350 with full digital rights for the images included. All images will be made available for a la carte purchase as well. Graphic Design and Printing of Banners, Posters, and other items are also available. 


Corporate Head Shots

Session fees with full rights are $200 + $20 for each of 5-20 employees. For groups larger than 20 or less than 5, please contact me for direct quotes.



General Price List for Standard Print Sizes (NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED)

Wallets (In sets of 4) - $4.00

4x6 - $3.00

5x7 - $5.00

8x10 -$8.00

11x14 - $21.00

Many other custom sizes, products, and services are available as well.